Our Deacons

 Currently our Deacon board at East Hills includes:

Rhonda Henderson (serving through 2018)

Lori Koozin (serving through 2018) - Head Deacon

Chai Pungaew (serving through 2018)

Bob Ford (serving through 2019)

Mark Gregorek (serving through 2019)

Steve Young (serving through 2019)

Andy Balogh (serving through 2020)

Rick Flores (serving through 2020)

A Biblical Overview of a Deacon/Deaconess (1 Timothy 3:8-13)

Deacons were first mentioned in Acts 6 and appointed in order to take some of the load off the Apostles and Elders.  This would allow them to continue to teach and preach the Word of God effectively.  It shows a different focus and priority for the two offices.  It seems as though preaching the Word was in direct obedience to the command Jesus gave them but meeting the needs of people could not be neglected.  We must find a way to do both, thus the purpose of Deacons.  These men and women are to be filled with the Holy Spirit and of good report; and have a heart and passion to serve the body.

The word servant is the same word used for Deacon, which refers to a woman named Phoebe as well as Pricilla and Aquila as helpers in the church (Romans 16:1-2).  And again, like an Elder, a Deacon should already be showing leadership qualities and have a desire to serve, without the title.


Practical Functions of the Deacon/Deaconess at East Hills

 These men and women are primarily to serve or be service orientated.  This includes (1) the collection and counting of general offerings; (2) caring for others through the collection and disbursement of our benevolence fund to those in need; (3) taking care of building needs and concerns; and (4) assist in ministry events primarily by setting up and tearing down.  They might also be called upon to visit church attenders and participate in other service areas to the community or body.  Deacons serve for a three year term and can serve is second consecutive term if feeling led to do so.


* Picture taken by Steve Huddleston of "Classic Image Photography" (website here).