Q:  What can I expect when I attend East Hills Community Church? 

You can expect caring, friendly people who desire to connect with others both visitors and regulars as they seek a relationship with God.  You can expect solid teaching of God's Word in clear and practical ways, relating God's Word to our daily lives.  You can expect to find somewhere where you can fit in, for you and/or your family.  You will find excellent programs for children and teenagers where they are learning, growing, and making a difference in the world around them.  There's so much more; but I think you have an idea... 

Q:  How long are the services? 

Sunday morning services start at 8:30am and 10:30am and go 90 minutes.  During this time we worship through music, fellowship with one another, announce what is going on, and teach God's Word.  This allows us 30 minutes between services to meet and greet one another (along with some coffee, drinks and snacks). 

Q:  What is the music/worship like? 

Our band is very contemporary, using both older and newer songs to connect others to God during worship.  Our band is made up of older and younger members utilizing drums, guitars, keyboards, etc.  We desire to celebrate and praise God, and also to be still before God. 

Q:  How should I dress when I come to Sunday services? 

Dress is casual.  Some are in shorts and t-shirts, while others are in slacks or dresses.  Whatever you are comfortable wearing is OK by us.  What is important to us is that you are here on Sundays connecting with God, other people, and a purposeful life. 

Q:  What about my kids?  Where do they go on Sunday morning? 

From babies all the way to 6th grade, we have Kids Konnection.  When you enter the lobby, look for the Kids Konnection area (on the left) where you can check in your child and get answers to any questions you might have.  From there, your child will sing with other children before going to their age appropriate class to learn and have fun. 

For jr. high and high school students, they start their morning in the Worship Service with the adults singing, worshipping, and greeting one another.  At an appointed time, they are dismissed to their class where they get age appropriate teaching, relevant to their lives.

Q:  How do I listen to a sermon?  (or) Sometimes when I play the sermon it occassionally pauses in the middle.  What can I do?

When wanting to listen to a sermon, you simply have to click on the link and then it should open in your web browser with settings to play it (like a CD player).  If you experience pauses this is based on speed of your internet service.  If you have this problem, we provide our sermons as an MP3 since many people will simply download the file to put on an iPod or CD.  It might be easier for you to actually right click on the MP3 and download it to your computer…in fact we recommend it.  Then you can listen to it when you desire, either on the computer, iPod, CD, whatever.  You can delete it afterwards if you no longer want it taking up space.

Q:  I noticed that some sermon MP3s are sometimes broken into parts 1 and 2.  Why is that?

Our website began having difficulty with bigger files and would not upload them.  We broke them into two parts to get around this.  That's all.

Q:  Where can I find a Spiritual Gifts Test so I can know my gifts? 

Here are three links to free Spiritual Gifts Inventories...They are also on the links page of our web site under resources along with a lot of other helpful links.

Q:  What about my teenager?  Is there something more just for them? 

Yes!  Mid week meetings, special events, camps, trips, service projects, etc.  Go to the "Ministries" tab above and click on Student Ministries, or click here

Q:  How do I get to East Hills Community Church? 

For full directions go to our link for "Directions" or click here

Q:  Do you have adult Bible studies during the week? 

We call them LIFE Groups because, while they include Bible study, they are more than that.  Check out the link to our LIFE Groups above, under the "Ministries" tab or click here

Q:  Does East Hills Community Church belong to a denomination? 

Yes, East Hills is part of the Reformed Church in America (RCA) which is the oldest protestant denomination in the United States.  for more information go to their web site at RCA.org or click here


Do you have other questions not answered here?  Email our Associate Pastor, John Stewart, and he'll email you back with an answer and maybe even add it to the FAQ section later on.