Missions (and Missionaries)

As a church body, East Hills supports missions in the United States and Abroad.  Please allow us to introduce you to our missionaries who are “Connecting people to God, Each Other and a Purposeful Life.”

Border Missions (Hidalgo, Texas)
Jerry and Albertia McKnight
On the web:  http://bordermissions.org

“Border Missions was founded for the purpose of bringing the word of God and specifically the gospel to those on the Texas/Mexico border.”  They also meet the “physical needs of those in the area,” providing food and clothing.  They have served the border for over 60 years.  They face many challenges due to “drug cartel violence and economic uncertainties.”  “Increased restrictions make it harder and harder for ministries to get food and clothing to Mexico.”  With God’s leading, the ministry continues and the word is spoken and the people are cared for.

CRU / Athletes in Action (Tempe, Arizona)
Emma Tautolo
On the web:  http://athletesinaction.org/

Emma Tautolo is a graduate of UCLA where she played basketball.  In college she was impacted by Athletes in Action, the athletic branch of CRU (formerly Campus Crusade for Christ).  “There were many things that fought to draw my gaze away from Christ and His immutable character.  Eventually, feeling like my life was falling apart before my eyes and desperate for Christian community to encourage me back on track, I started going to Athletes in Action.”  “God used this ministry to change my life.  The AIA staff at UCLA pursued me, loved me and poured into me to develop me into a spiritual leader on my team.”  Because of her experience at UCLA with AIA, “My heart is to do this with other athletes on the campus that I will be at.”  Emma is on the campus of Arizona State University impacting other students through the message of Jesus Christ.

Destiny Community Church (Kenya, Africa)
Bishop Richard Murungi
On the web (Facebook):  Click This Link

Bishop Richard Murungi has been “Serving the Lord for 26 years.  He attended Harvest Fields Bible College and began teaching there until 2011.  In 2011, Bishop Murungi began “Destiny Community Church in Nairobi.  “Our ministry is moving very fast and we currently have three branches:  one in Kariako, Nairobi, another in Korococho, the slums of Nairobi, and our largest branch in Laare, Meru with almost 300 members.”  We recently started a feeding program in Korococho slums…and attempting to begin a program for poultry and goat keeping so that families are able to support themselves.  My wife and I are very active in resisting the practice of girl circumcision.”  “We have been so blessed and are so thankful for the way in which the Lord is using us."


Global Serve International

'V' Family (at this time we cannot post their full name or location)

This family is a young couple with three children.  Their vision is to; work hard to cultivate relationships, communicate in their native tongue, teach the Bible chronologically, disciple, plant a church, translate scriptures into the native language, and teach literacy.

Greater Europe Mission (Monument, Colorado)
Jim and Neva Ringdahl
On the web:  http://www.gemission.org/

Jim and Neva are based in Colorado Springs.  They train and counsel “candidates who desire to do missionary work.”  They also care for missionaries in the field and those who return to the states, providing special programs, counseling and debriefing.  Jim & Neva grew up in Riverside,CA and were married here in 1988. They have 8 kids ranging in age from 17-42. 6 girls and 2 boys with 5 adopted and 3 birth children. Jim received his Master’s degree in counseling in 1999 from California Baptist University. For the past 12 years Jim & Neva have been serving with Greater Europe Mission in the Member Care department which focuses on the care and health of all its missionaries in Colorado Springs. Jim and Neva love caring for missionaries not just from GEM but from all mission agencies, churches, etc.


OC Africa - One Challenge (Jo’burg, South Africa)

Karl and Jenny Teichert
On the web:  http://www.ocafrica.net/

Karl and Jenny are long term missionaries in South Africa.  Jenny is very active in BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) and works closely with HIV/AIDS caregivers.  In April she introduced a Bible Study called “Fundamentals of the Faith” with the caregivers.  Karl and Jenny just returned from their Furlough.  They visited the various churches, ministries, family and friends and were able to take a much needed rest in Colorado.  They have since returned to Africa and continue teaching, training, and planting.

POWER Ministry
East Hills Representative:  Marty Read
On the web:  http://www.powerministry.org/

POWER is an acronym for "Purposeful Outreach With Eternal Results."  They are dedicated to feeding, clothing, and ministering to God’s people.  They do this through worship, building, testimonies, and “His Lordship.”  Each year Power Ministries travels to Mexico to help build and re-build churches and homes, feed the hungry, worship, put on puppet shows that teach about Jesus, and minister and witness to God’s children.

Reflections Christian Fellowship  (Perris, CA)
Pastor Don Meinberg
On the web:  http://reflectionschristian.com/

“I had a vision of bringing the gospel to an area where the harvest was huge but the workers were few.  The May Ranch community was full of forclosed, boarded up homes and little hope.  There were very few churches in the area that welcomed everyone to worship God.  This is why I started our church in this area.  Reflections Christian Fellowship’s vision is to “Transform lives of people through the power of the gospel, ‘More of Him, Less of Me.'".  We want to be a reflection of Christ and a light to a depressed community.  My heart is to bring the lost to the saving power of Jesus and be a blessing to this community."

Talking Bibles International (Escondido, CA)
Mark Hoekstra, President
On the web:  www.talkingbibles.org/

Talking Bibles is an organization based out of Escondido and reaches people throughout the world with a focus on India, South Sudan, and Ethiopia.  The goal of their ministry is to reach people in the world in their native language by providing the spoken (audio) Bible to a trained leader in the community who shares it with others.  For most people this is the first time they have heard the word of God in their own language.

Tecolote Church (Tijuana, Mexico)
Pastor Abel Rios
On the web (Facebook):  Click This Link

Pastor Abel is pastor of Tecolote Church in Mexico that is regularly visited from members of our church (if you are interested in going, please let us know).  They love to reach out to the children in the community sharing Jesus with them and desiring them to know God in a personal way.

Upper Room Ministries (Cuddalore, India)
Rev. S. RajanKoilPillai
On the web:  http://www.gemhelps.com/

Upper Room Ministries is an orphanage in India for girls.  Reverend Raj and his wife care for 52 girls and provide them with a place to grow healthy along with an education.  The girls are now offered an opportunity to continue with their training after they finish High School, learning a vocation in the medical or dental field.

World Team (France)
A married couple (identity withheld)
On the web:  http://us.worldteam.org/

This missionary couple are serving in the Paris suburb region of France. They have a school for English and the arts, lead a home Bible group in English, and are beginning a new church plant. They are visual artists (he-graphic design and pottery) and he is a pastor, leading and mentoring younger church planters and non-believers. She runs the school, teaches art and English and leads women’s Bible groups. In her spare time, she paints and does pottery. They are currently looking for teammates willing to learn French. This will be a bilingual church.

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