On the boat heading to Summer Camp on Catalina Island, 2017


Getting to know Pastor Brian...


Full Name:  Brian Scott Buell     Ministry Position:  Pastor of Student Ministries.

Birthdate:  8/27/1979

Family:  Wife is Cassie, daughter is Brenna, and my son is Brayden.

Education:  High School/some college

Spiritual Gifts:  Teaching, knowledge, shepherding

My Personality Type (DiSC Test):  High S

What I love about East Hills is:  I love the people.  I love watching God work in the lives of His people and the joy of being a small part of that.

I would describe my job as:  A privilege and joy full of success and failure, celebration and heartache, tons of fun and tons of work.  The greatest thing I never knew I would be called to. 

Favorite recording artists:  Emery, Underoath, Led Zeppelin, Doors.  The last two random artists I listened to on Spotify were VÉRITÉ and BØRNS.

How I spend my days off:  Surfing, rock climbing, running, napping, watching TV, hanging with the fam.

One meal I can’t resist:  I am not biased and love all GOOD food equally.

Worst job I ever had:  “Guys Grinders”  It was a sandwich shop and my first job.  Messy, greasy, busy, thankless work           .

Besides the Bible, three books that have influenced me:  Chosen by God: R. C. Sproul; The Meaning of Marriage: Timothy Keller; The Knowledge of the Holy: A.W. Tozer.

Most influential book of the Bible to me:  Ephesians.

Best example of love that I’ve seen:  Besides Jesus (Duh) - My parents did a pretty good job loving a pretty rebellious kid.

If God put me in charge, I’d make sure heaven included:  Perfect waves.

My most irrational act:  Most of high school.

Favorite movies:  The Princess Bride, Enchanted, and The Incredibles.

How I became a Christian:  In my bedroom, by myself one day before work.  I felt the Spirit of God urging me so I prayed, repented, asked Jesus to forgive me and be in charge of my life.

I can’t wait to ask Jesus face to face:  Why he would choose me.

How I met my spouse:  Cassie and I were both involved in ministry at Harvest Christian Fellowship.

If I had to live in another country, I’d choose:  Hawaii ;-).

My “life verse” is:  I have never really had one... I think all of the Bible is pretty legit.

I’d appreciate prayer for:  My family, the ministry and wisdom to lead well.