LIFE Groups (small groups)

In order to really grow as Christians we need more than Sunday morning church.  We need a place where we can really connect with each other, make meaningful friendships and practice loving each other the way that God intended us to love.  Life Groups center around these four areas...

     Love God and one another.  

     Investigate God’s Word.



LIFE Groups are small groups of normal people pursuing God and doing life together. They are also the life blood of East Hills Community Church helping people connect with God and with one another. If you are not a part of a LIFE Group…get involved now!

LIFE Groups meet quarterly at East Hills with breaks in between for the leaders, hosts, and participants.  (Our next quarter starts the week of April 16th.)  This way you can try a group and see how it works.  We believe you will love being involved and see how it is helpful.  Please note that if you don't start when the quarter starts, you can still jump in anytime.  All our groups would love to have you get involved.

We have several groups available where you can go and get connected! Currently our LIFE Groups are located in Riverside, Perris and Moreno Valley, with a goal to expand to other cities.  See which one works best for you based on location and/or day of the week.  The list below will give you all the information you need to make your decision.  NO childcare is available for any of our LIFE Groups unless specifically noted.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

Groups below are for the 2nd quarter (the week of April 8 - June 17).

This is a great time to join a group.



McKnight LIFE Group   (Open to anyone)

   6:00 PM - 1st & 2nd Sundays
   Home of Steve and Patty Huddleston
   639 Burwood Ct., Riverside 92506

   6:00 PM - 3rd & 4th Sundays
   Home of Jim and Donna Medlin
   19525 Rotterdam St. Riverside  92508

   951-536-2443 (David)

   Teacher: David McKnight



Virtuous Crafters  (For those interested in crafts, quilting, etc.)

   9:30 AM at East Hills Community Church
   20660 Orange Terrace Pkwy., Riverside, 92508 (directions)

   951-833-5120 (Melissa)
   Leader:  Melissa Hicks

   Working on group quilts or individual projects with a short devotion and prayer time.  We are willing to teach.


Women’s LIFE Group - TNL   (Women, ages 18 years and older)

   7:00 PM at the home of Julia Slininger
   5117 Victoria Ave. Riverside, CA  92506 (directions)

   213-453-4519 (Julia)
   Teacher:  Julia Slininger


Men’s LIFE Group  (Men, ages 18 years and older)

   7:00 PM at the home of Steve Manchester
   647 Lakewood Dr., Riverside, 92506 (directions)

   909-238-0976 (Greg)
   Teacher:  Pastor Greg Walker



Women’s LIFE Group  (Women, ages 18 years and older)

   9:30 AM at East Hills Community Church
   20660 Orange Terrace Pkwy., Riverside, 92508 (directions)

   951-657-4777 (Betty)
   Teachers:  Betty Gilmore


Women’s LIFE Group (Women, ages 18 years and older)

   7:00 PM at the home of Patrice Niermann
   20879 Bakal Drive, Riverside, 92508 (directions)

   734-277-3553 (Patrice)
   Teacher:  Patrice Niermann


Young Adult LIFE Group  (18-28 years old)

   6:30 PM at East Hills Community Church
   20660 Orange Terrace Pkwy., Riverside, 92508 (directions)

   909-543-8614 (Manny)
   Teachers:  Pastor Manny Boston and Josh Singh

   For more info on our Young Adults Ministry, click here.



Stewart LIFE Group (Open to anyone)

   7:00 PM at the home of John and Patti Stewart
    12116 Vista de Cerros., Moreno Valley, 92555  (directions)

   951-552-0344 (John)
   Teacher: Pastor John Stewart


Gomez/Koozin LIFE Group  (Open to anyone)

   7:00 PM at the of home of Christine and Roland Gomez
   17571 Krameria Ave, Riverside, 92504 (directions)

   951-538-3409 (Roland)
   Teachers: Roland Gomez and Ken Koozin


Men’s LIFE Group  (Men, ages 18 years and older)

   7:00 PM at the home of Michael Lopez
   3263 Verbena Ct., Perris, 92571 (directions)

   909-936-5140 (Michael)
   Teacher: Pastor Greg Walker



Stampin' for Jesus LIFE Group  (for women interested in stamping)

   6:30 PM on the 2nd Friday each month

   At the home of David and Chris McKnight
   8401 Lodgepole Ln., Riverside, 92508 (directions)

   951-334-4425 (Chris)
   Leader:  Chris McKnight

   Making cards to use for ministering to others.


3 Strands Marriage LIFE Group  (for Married Couples)

   7:00 PM on selected Fridays each month  (Spring Session Dates: 1/19, 2/2, 3/16, 4/20, 6/1)

   At the home of Steve & Laura Manchester
   647 Lakewood Dr., Riverside, 92506 (directions)

   909-208-2650 (Laura)
   Teachers:  Steve and Laura Manchester

   Focusing on building strong marriages with a Biblical foundation.  More info here!


Young Adults LIFE Group (18-30 years old)

   7:00PM (location varies, call Pastor Manny)

   909-543-8614 (Manny)

   (1st and 3rd Fridays of the month)

   Teacher: Pastor Manny Boston


For more information regarding our LIFE Groups, please contact Pastor Brian

(951) 536-2443