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Missions Updates

Every month we highlight a missionary to specifically pray for and encourage.
Talking Bibles

There are 33 million Hindu gods. The people in India who go to these gods for help do not know they are powerless. Please pray...

...for those serving in India to be led by the Holy Spirit so they can touch hearts and share who the true God is.

...for God to continue showing up for people all over India, making them ready and open to the Gospel, growing them in their faith, and welcoming them into His family.

...for those receiving the Talking Bible that the Holy Spirit will open their hearts and minds to hear God’s Word and respond to His call.

...for God’s hand to be on the logistics of manufacturing of Talking Bibles in Vietnam and the distribution in India to go smoothly, and for the plan to engineer and produce TBs in India to come to fruition.

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