Young Adults

God is ultimate reality. We do not presume to place Jesus like a balm on our wounds, but rather we see ourselves as barnacles--parasites--who attach ourselves to Jesus--the true source of life, joy, love, and peace so that we might truly live (Jn. 15). And yet we are all idolaters: casting God in our own image and subjugating him to our service. We are a group of recovering self-addicts who are being carried along by the Holy Spirit in sanctification. God in his wisdom works by the power of the Spirit through the ministry of the word and his church. So we gather together that we might trust him and love others.

We will be a community that exemplifies the saints before the throne of God in joy and righteousness and adoration.


the beauty of Christ

inhabiting eternity


knowing the heart of Christ

knowing the speech of Christ

integrating into our church

integrating outsiders

into our community



learn from Scripture

learn from one another

enjoy God's creation

build community

disciple the younger

relate to the older


On Monday night we gather together at East Hills from 6:30-8:30pm. We hang out around conversation, social & video games, and occasionally food; we spend time in prayer; and we study Scripture together. Come expecting a laid-back setting with plenty of freedom to seek truth and express yourself. (Questions are encouraged!)


How do you like to hang out with friends? Craft coffee shops? Music, Concerts? Board Games? Dungeons & Dragons? Movies? We want to join you. We're planning a few Gatherings throughout the year, so make sure to contact Manny and let him know what all the cool kids are doing.


Life often grinds through monotony. But God established festivals and feasts for his people to draw attention to his provision & grace... and we want to follow suit.  So be on the lookout for...

... a retreat or two

... our Grow Up Conference

... birthday parties, Oscar Parties, New Years Parties, Graduation Parties, etc.

For more information, questions or concerns

Manny Boston
Pastor of Young Adults and Outreach

909-543-8614 |