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Young Adults

We gather weekly to encourage one another in life and in faith.

We enjoy time together in prayer and in the Scripture.

Every month we set aside time for events that are relaxed, fun and encouraging. 


God is ultimate reality. We connect ourselves to Jesus--the true source of life, joy, love, and peace so that we might truly live (Jn. 15).

We are a group of imperfect people who are seeking to be made more like Christ in sanctification.

God in his wisdom works by the power of the Spirit through the ministry of the word and his church.


So we gather together that we might trust him and love others.

We will be a community that looks and acts like Christ-- towards one another and the world.


How do you like to hang out with friends? Craft coffee shops? Music, Concerts? Board Games? Movies? We want to join you. We're planning a few Gatherings throughout the year, so keep your eye out... you won't want to miss these!


Life often grinds through monotony. But God established festivals and feasts for his people to draw attention to his provision & grace... and we want to follow suit.

For more information, questions or concerns


Brian Buell
Pastor Adult Ministries

530-306-8866 |

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