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Thank You!  We're so excited that you'd like to be part of "We are East Hills". 

Pastor John preached a message on Sunday, June 27 called “We Are East Hills.” If you were there, I’m sure you remember. If not, the message can be listened to here. As part of the message we made a video with our church families and now we are asking you to participate in one as we continue to remind and celebrate that together “We are East Hills.”

It is really simple. We are asking that you get your family together, pull out your phone – the one with the best camera and - record a video of yourselves that we can edit and show on Sunday mornings.

Every video will follow the same format and will only be 15-20 seconds long.

The video will start with each person introducing themselves. Then choose one person in your family to share in one sentence why they like East Hills. The final part will have your whole family saying in unison: “we are the ‘(Last Name)’ and we are East Hills.”

Below is an example of Pastor John’s family making our video. You will see that it is unedited, just like yours will be when you send it to us.

It’s really easy. Let us give you some tips to record your video.

1. Try to keep your camera still. If you have a tripod, use it. Or get something to lean your camera on.

2. Try to shoot when it is daylight outside, this way you have natural light for the video.

3. Make sure there is no light coming in from behind you, this will ruin the picture and us trying to see who you are.  Pick a spot with no window behind you or if there is a window, close the blinds.

4. Keep the camera running, don’t worry about starting and stopping it and trying to edit it, just send us the one link of raw footage and we will edit it for you, just like the example we showed you.  If you make a mistake, just try it again.

5. Make sure that you don’t go too long, we gave you a format to use so you can keep it really simple and short. We are only planning on about 15-20 seconds per family.

6. Be yourself. That’s right, we want you to be you and so don’t worry about dressing up or looking special or trying to say things really formal. Say it the way you are, pick a spot in your house or your backyard that is comfortable for you, shoot the video and send it to us.

So, get your family together.

Set up your camera to record video and start recording when everyone is in place.

Start with the parents, then the kids and have each person introduce themselves.

Pick one representative from your family to share why you love East Hills.

Then have your whole family say (together in unison), “We are the ‘(Last Name)’ and we are East Hills.”

When you've made your video you can upload it here
(Once you navigate to the link tap the three dots in the upper left, then select "Upload" then "Files" then "Photo Library")
Select your video you shot and you're all set.
Thank you again for helping make East Hills an amazing place.

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