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Prayer Focus for January

Ministry Prayer Focus: East Hills Deacons

They have asked for the following prayers:

  • for transition of new Deacons to go well.
  • that they would be able to get all the extra, end of the year, work caught up.
  • for the protection of their families and own spiritual growth.


Missionary Prayer Focus: Jerry and Albertia McKnight - Border Missions (Hidalgo, Texas)

Jerry & Albertia McKnight of Border Missions are our missionaries in Hidalgo, TX, directly across the border from Reynosa, Mexico. Their purpose is to bring the Word of God to people along the Texas-Mexico border.  On Thursdays they serve a hot meal before holding church services, then provide food and clothing to those in need to take home.

They have asked for the following prayers:

  • for safety of Jerry & Albertia and their staff, and those in the border area, which is often violent and full of economic uncertainties.
  • for clear border passage of food and clothing into areas of need in Mexico.
  • for an abundance of finances and food to keep the mission operating.

Christmas Show - Uncluttered


This year our Christmas show will take place on December 9th and 10th. On Saturday December 9th our show will take place at 1:00 pm and 6:00 pm. Our Sunday show on December 10th will be at 4 pm. All three shows are the same and include live drama, music, video, a dessert at intermission, and and even some audience participation. This is a fun time for the whole family. You will find yourself laughing, reflecting, singing, and even eating as part of your time with us. You won't want to miss out.

Our theme of "uncluttered" reminds us that our Christmas season can be cluttered with a lot of different things, even good things, but there is only one reason for the season.

Tickets are only $5 each and can be purchased at the door if you do not already have them. We hope to see you there...


Prayer Focus for December

Ministry Prayer Focus: Worship Arts

They have asked for the following prayers:

  • For the busy Christmas season.
  • For the Christmas production.
  • For the choir, tech and special musicians.


Missionary Prayer Focus: Jim & Neva Ringdohl - Greater Europe Mission

Jim & Neva work with Greater Europe Mission as counselors where they screen and train applicants called to the mission field, and then encourage and support those sent by visiting them and hosting them, providing counseling when they return home. They also work with adopted and foster children.

They have asked for the following prayers:

  • For courage, strength and care for those they serve.
  • For the spread of the Gospel to those they serve throughout Europe.
  • For the adopted, fostered, or orphaned children of Europe would feel the love of Christ.

Prayer Focus for November

Ministry Prayer Focus:  Governing & Ministering Elders

They have asked for the following prayers:

  • For wisdom as they navigate this period of transition.
  • For the process of finding our next Lead Pastor.
  • For showing extra care and compassion for the congregation during this time.


Missionary Prayer Focus: East Hills Missions - Edgemont Thanksgiving & Christmas Outreaches

We have the privilege of coming alongside Edgemont Elementary to serve the families in need at that school during the holiday season by offering Thanksgiving dinners, including turkeys, and facilitating a visit from Santa and giving a gift to every child at that school.

They have asked for the following prayers:

  • That they would have enough turkeys and other food donated.
  • That they will recieve enough gifts for the right age groups to bless every child.
  • That they would have enough volunteers to pick up and store the turkeys and volunteers to deliver the presents to the classrooms when Santa visits.



Thanks to all who helped at our work day on October 21.  We accomplished a lot and we are so grateful for all who showed up.  

Here is a fun video of the bobcat being stuck...

And here are two pictures...